Paying For the Funeral

How are costs Calculated?

It is our role as the funeral director to ensure the smooth running of your funeral service. This includes managing and arranging the payment of a number of products, goods and services which have been incurred during the organising of the service. These services might typically include cemetery plots, cremation fees, floral tributes, funeral notices, catering services, clergy and musician fees, etc. We specifically arrange all expenses to be itemised on to one account in order to keep billing as convenient as possible. Of course, if family wish to organise some of these payments (eg: own florist, clergy, church) we simply do not include these charges as part of the funeral invoice.

The invoice that you will receive will include both the costs of our own services and the costs of the products, goods and external services that you have chosen as part of your funeral design.

Although it is a time of sadness and you may be under pressure and still coming to terms with your own emotions, it is important that our staff have an open and honest discussion relating to the issue of funeral expenses during the initial planning stages of the funeral.

It is important to balance emotional decisions with practical common sense and an accurate indication of your expected funeral expense will allow us to work with you to have a clear expectation of your requirements with economic sense in mind.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made in a number of forms including cash, cheque, credit card or direct debit.

If the person who has died held a bank account with sufficient funds to cover funeral expenses, the funeral director’s account can be presented to the bank for direct payment. This can either be done by yourself as a family member/executor or a solicitor may have been appointment to administer the estate and payment.

If there are no funds held by the deceased or family, or no funeral cover and insurance, we are able to provide a finance option. Our staff can guide you through the requirements (such as employment and criteria).